Fall and Thanksgiving DIY Projects


The Fall has blossomed all around us and it is still blossoming throughout the entire blogosphere.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I thought it was time to share some of the newer creations that I do believe you will find simply amazing and wonderful!  So sit back with a cup of mulled wine or hot apple cider and enjoy these Fall … [Read more...]

Homemade Mozzarella Sticks


Don't you just love a delicious basket filled with crispy and gooey Homemade Mozzarella Sticks!  I know my family always goes crazy for them!  The kind you buy in the box or bag are ok sometimes but there is nothing like homemade ones...really...nothing like them!  I have tried many different combinations of things and finally I hit the one that is … [Read more...]

DIY Project Features Junkin Joe Linky Party


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!  Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe DIY Project Features.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures… Home Decor DIY Projects …scrap-booking creations … [Read more...]

Upcycled Scarf DIY Projects


When there is a bit of chill in the air we all start thinking about adding a scarf to our wardrobe, maybe not one that is really heavy but a lightweight scarf that is cozy and comfortable.  A stylish addition that not only looks great but adds a little bit of warmth!  Well today we put together a collection of Upcycled Scarf DIY Projects that won't … [Read more...]

Kitchen Pot Organization Ideas


I have to tell you that when I look at these Fabulous Kitchen Pot Organization Ideas I feel embarrassed.  Why you ask?  Well it is because my pots and pans are football fields away from being this together!  I am a habitual stacker and stuffer (not proud of it but it's true!) and if you are at all like me or if you are just trying to find new ways … [Read more...]

7 Must See Pumpkin DIY Projects


Fall is now in full swing and we have shared many Fall Home Decor DIY Posts with you in the last month...but I just had to add one more pumpkin collection because you simply have to see these Pumpkin DIY Projects!  They truly make you smile and I have a feeling that many of you will want to make at least one of these if not 2 or three! Jess over … [Read more...]

Mug DIY Projects


The chilly weather is here and everyone is craving a hot cup of something yummy...so don't you think you should treat yourself ...family and friends to a new mug?  There is always room for more cool mugs : )  This collection of Mug DIY Projects are wonderful to make for you and your family and they make the perfect gift!  There are so many … [Read more...]

Marbleized DIY Projects


If you want to add a fresh and fabulous trending touch to your home decor...how about checking out these Marbleized DIY Projects.  You are going to find an wide range of technique to achieve this amazing faux marble finish look.  You will find knobs that look they were made from quarry marble...milk bottles swirled with a fabulous marble swirl and … [Read more...]

Ikea Hacks The Table Edition


You guessed it...it is once again IKEA Hack Time!  We truly know how much you enjoy these collections...so we put together a little Snack Pack Version of IKEA Hacks The Table Edition.  Yep...7 sensational tables.  From Farmhouse Tables to Bar Tables...Side Boards and more!  You are going to be totally inspired by these beauties.  They are all … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Chili


Even though Chili is yummy any time of year...it is extra special in the Fall and Winter Months!  So we are breaking out that Slow Cooker and putting a pot of Chili on!  When RedPack contacted me and told me that they enjoyed my recipes and wanted to see if I would be interested in receiving a little package of their products to experiment with I … [Read more...]

More Wine Cork DIY Projects


You all really enjoyed our first collection of Wine Cork DIY Projects so we thought it was time for a part two!  So today we have MORE Cork DIY Projects for you! One thing you are going to adore about these is that they are quick and easy!  Many of them will also make amazing gifts...especially the corks that are instantly transformed into … [Read more...]

Big Wall Art DIY Projects


You know when you want something on the wall that will make a huge impact...something really special that will make that nice room...AMAZING?  Well I do believe you might find something or be inspired to create something picture perfect after you check out our new collection of BIG Wall Art DIY Projects.   You are going to find a selection that you … [Read more...]

DIY Projects Junkin Joe and a Linky Party


Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures… Home Decor DIY Projects …scrap-booking creations and everything in between.  You can even … [Read more...]

Lace DIY Projects


We have been posting so many DIY Projects for Fall and the Fall Holidays and of course there is more to come...but we thought a little bit of Lace DIY Projects might be a sweet and soft touch today...a little something different mid week...do you agree!  You are going to find a delightful collection of Lace Projects that you can create with ease.  … [Read more...]

Wooden Bead DIY Projects


You probably made crafts out of wooden beads when you were a kid...I know I did...we had them in art class and my Mom use to let me paint them and string them at home.  Well these are the same beads but they have come a long way baby!  Today we are going to take a look at a collection of Wooden Bead DIY Projects that you are going to fall in love … [Read more...]