Ombre DIY Projects That Will Compliment Any Home Decor Style


What is one of the most FUN ways to add a bit of color into your home decor? Ombre of course!  These Ombre DIY Projects will compliment any home decor style.  They are fun...easy and the techniques can apply to so many different things!  You are going to see nesting stools shaded in the most delicious shades of blue...stool legs that sport a range … [Read more...]

Pizza Wontons


Looking for some Asian Fusion?  How about Pizza Wontons to go?  These are so simple to make and they are sooooooooo delicious!  They give you a satisfying crunch and then an ooey gooey pizza center that will simply make you happy!  Move over pizza rolls..there is a new snack in town.  These would be perfect to serve just about any time and fabulous … [Read more...]

An Eclectic Collection of Pallet DIY Projects


Today's collection is an ongoing series because everyone that drops by The Cottage Market seems to enjoy them very much.  So sit back with a cup of something yummy and enjoy An Eclectic Collection Of Pallet DIY Projects.  A little something for everyone.  Then if this selection leaves you wanting for some more Pallet Fun...just click here and you … [Read more...]

8 Upcycling DIY Projects You Will Love


I know you all love a good DIY...but I know that you enjoy a great Upcycling DIY even today we are shining the spotlight on 8 Upcycling DIY Projects that you will LOVE!!!  From an old crate being upcycled to a trendy cool side table to a simple dresser turned entertainment center...there is something here for everyone and everyone's … [Read more...]

An Eclectic Ikea Hack Collection


Guess what time it is?  You guessed's IKEA HACK TIME!!!  Today there is no theme...just an fun Eclectic Collection of fabulous IKEA hacks.  From eye popping covered headboards to a dresser that is customized with it's own scarf rack!  There is something here for everyone and every home decor style!  Wait till you see the adorable Owl Chair … [Read more...]

An Eclectic Collection of DIY Projects, Recipe and More Down The Rabbit Hole #2


Hi there…I use to do a little post when my blog was really young called Down The Rabbit Hole…it was a fun post for me because there are many times that I click …click and click some more in hunt for a collection of fun projects for you but there are times when I find really cool stuff that doesn’t fit and I still want to show you!  So I have … [Read more...]

10 Totally Terrific Coaster DIY Projects


Coasters have come a long way in the last few years...they use to be a bit of the mill or in some cases disposable!  Well this collection of Totally Terrific Coaster DIY Projects are far from boring.  They are so cool you are going to want to use your will go out of your way to get them out because they look so fabulous.  … [Read more...]

Fried Raviolis The Perfect Snack!


If you are looking for a yummy snack for the big game or a fun appetizer for the family or a hors'doeuvr for your next party I have two words for you...Fried Ravioli!   It's the perfect bite... that is easy to make... budget friendly and tastes like little crunchy pillows fill with cloud like cheese!  Just add your favorite marinara … [Read more...]

Home Decor WIRE DIY Projects


Today we have a great collection of Wonderful Wire Home Decor DIY Projects.  It's really pretty amazing what you can create with some simply wire and a lot of imagination!  As you will see...our blogger friends featured today had the wire and the vision!  From wired picture holders to a wire rack side will be amazed with the results!  … [Read more...]

Fabulous DIY Projects and Linky Party {Junkin Joe}


TGIF my friend and welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe DIY Projects Extravaganza Linky Party!  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures… Home Decor DIY Projects … [Read more...]

7 Sensational Tween & Teen Girl Bedroom Makeovers


I have to tell of the most requested subject matter that our fabulous Cottage Marker readers ask for is all about the "tween and teen" scene!  Our Tween and Teen DIY Gift collection was our number 1 post of 2014 with over a half a million hits on that shows you that you are looking for this special niche in the world.  So today we … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Free Chalkboard Printables


Hi everyone...guess what time it is?  It's time for a new set of Valentine's Day Free Chalkboard Printables!  I am kind of crushin on these...they are fun and not exactly you typical Love Quotes!  I have a feeling that you are really going to enjoy these...they would make a great gift for someone special and of course they will look amazing in your … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Mason Jar DIY Projects


What's the best way to decorate for Valentine's Day?  What makes the most fabulous Valentine's gifts for everyone on our list?  What DIY Valentine's Day Projects should you be putting on your list of things to do...Valentine's Day Mason Jar DIY Projects OF COURSE!!!  There is just something about these magical jars that continues to win the hearts … [Read more...]

9 IKEA Hacks The Rast Collection


I was having one of those clicking kind of know when you fall down the rabbit hole and you never know what you are going to find!  Well I wound up on a Home Decor Store Facebook Page and saw that they were having an IKEA Hack Rast Contest...then I saw the cool IKEA RAST Hacks that were made by fabulous bloggers for thes … [Read more...]

10 Fabulous Valentine’s Day DIY Projects


Valentine's Day is coming up if you are looking for some Fabulous Valentine's Day DIY Projects...look no will find them today in this fun collection!  From shimmering sequin hearts to unique garland to wall art with heart...there is something here for every style!  Each DIY Valentine's Day DIY comes with extra "HEART".  … [Read more...]