Wonderful Wall Organizer DIY Projects


It always seems that "we" as a massive group of unique individuals seem to always be searching for ways to become organized.  I personally think it is a quest that I will be on for a life time!  Not sure if the magical transformation of being an "organized" person will ever happen (to tell you the truth...it won't : ) but I do keep on trying.  So … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fall Mason Jar DIY Projects


We actually had some cool weather here in NJ the last few days (I am LOVING IT!!!) so it actually feels like Fall might just be on the way and I for one can't wait!  It is truly my favorite season...it's when a soft hoodie and jeans becomes my basic attire!!!  You know something else that I love...Mason Jars and it seems like all of you do to since … [Read more...]

Baking Tips You Will Love


Attention everyone that bakes!  The busy baking season is just around the corner.  So we thought that this would be a perfect time to gather up some helpful Baking Tips for you.  Many of us bake all year round so actually any time is a good time for some quick...easy and helpful tips!  What do you do when you wish you had some extra muffin … [Read more...]

Laptop Desk DIY Projects


I always envision the Lap Desk as a little tray with folding legs that my Mom use to bring into my room when I was sick...it would always have the most delicious bowl of tomato soup with tiny little pastina stars swirling through it...it almost made being sick all worth it : )  Now when I think of a Lap Desk it now thought of as a Laptop Desk...an … [Read more...]

Ten Mini Ikea Hacks


Hi there, how are you!  We just wanted you to know that we have switched over to our own dedicated server with all of our followers in mind.  The site is moving tons faster and the slideshows are speeding along too...hope you enjoy the new speed...we are always thinking of you...we appreciate you all more than you will ever know!  Yes my friends, … [Read more...]

Mac and Cheese Snacks Two Ways


The cooler weather is approaching and Football Season has begun so the world needs a few more scrumptious little snacks don't you think?  I have to admit...this little duo of Mac and Cheese Snacks are not something you can eat every day...but they sure would taste great watching a game or just as a special TV treat or even a side at dinner … [Read more...]

Color Block Home Decor DIY Projects


If you want to add a POP of color into your Home Decor but not too much... you are going to find the perfect project in our newest collection of Color Block Home Decor DIY Projects!  Each one of these DIY's is fun...fabulous... and will perk up your living space in a split second!  You can't look at home decor accessories or any accessories for … [Read more...]

Free Autumn Digital Scrapbooking Paper Packs


I am sure many of you are itching to create some fun and fabulous Autumn Creations so we thought that some Fall shades of Leaves and Stripes will make you happy this week!  If you haven't seen the first set of polka dots and chevron stripes in our Free Autumn Digital Scrapbooking Paper Packs Collections...check out it out!.   This week we have … [Read more...]

Potholder DIY Projects


I love this collection of Potholder DIY Projects.  Each and everyone of the designs has it's own individual style and each one is fabulous.  We all use Potholders and it is something that I personally can't have enough of.  Many times you really want to have them so they match your decor...color of the kitchen or you just want a really fresh style … [Read more...]

DIY Projects Junkin Joe { September 12, 2014 }


Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures…home decor diy projects…scrap-booking creations and everything in between.  You can even share … [Read more...]

More Fall Home Decor DIY Projects


The Fall is almost here and I can't believe it but we are on our second collection of more Fall Home Decor DIY Projects.  There is a harvest of new Fall DIY Projects out there and they just keep growing so I think there might be a third or maybe even a fourth collection before the Winter Festivities begin!  In this collection you are going to find … [Read more...]

Home Decor Mirror DIY Projects


Mirror Mirror on the wall...let's see which Home Decor Mirror DIY Projects you think are the fairest of them all.  If you love mirrors and the personality they can give to a space in your home...you are going to love this collection of Home Decor Mirror DIY Projects.  You are also going to love the price factor because we all know how expensive a … [Read more...]

7 Sensational DIY Projects for Teen and Tween Girls


This little collection of DIY Projects for Teen and Tween Girls is two-fold!  First...they are all picture perfect fashionable DIY's that the kids will absolutely adore creating...but they are also amazing for you to make to give your special teen or tween a gift!  They make fabulous little gifts for ALL occasions including just to say I love you!  … [Read more...]

Halloween Table Runner DIY Projects


Halloween is right around the corner...I can't even believe I am saying that but it's true!  We've had a look at some No Carve Pumpkin DIY Projects... then there is the Halloween Wreath DIY collection... a selection of Fall Table Runner DIY Projects and is you would like more Halloween and Fall DIY Projects and Inspiration...check out our … [Read more...]

Marvelous Upcycled Home Decor DIY Projects


Hi friends!  It's time for some More Marvelous Upcycled Home Decor DIY Projects.  The word Upcycled has so many meanings...so many different faces and encompasses a world of varying styles and that is the reason why everyone seems to enjoy a fabulous Upcycled Project!  Well today we have a vast variety of styles to say the least.  There is a simple … [Read more...]