Fall Home Decor DIY Projects


I know...it's sweltering just about every where in the US and it is full swing Winter in Australia...but Fall is on my mind.  I don't know what I love more...the crisp cool air...the amazing seasonal fruits and veggies...or the fun Fall Home Decor DIY Projects everyone creates!  I for one and looking forward to the new incredible Fall DIY Projects … [Read more...]

Halloween Mason Jar DIY Projects


Halloween all ready is probably what you are saying and I think that it is a great thing to get a head start...this is only the beginning of Halloween and Holiday Collections...Crafts...DIY Projects...Food and more.  You never have enough Holiday inspiration...so consider this a small little appetizer!  We all love Mason Jars so let's combine them … [Read more...]

9 Books You Need On Your Bookshelf


I was taking a peek at one of my bookshelves and was wishing for a chunk of time that I could just sit...sip a cup of decaf (I know...but I have to  and I have found that decaf is not that bad: ) and thumb through some books for hours!  Then I decided since we are always putting together great collections of blogging excellence I thought why not … [Read more...]

Ombre Home Decor DIY Projects


I thought it was just a phase...a trend...but Ombre has found a permanent home in the Home Decor World.  So this collection is a little late to the proverbial table...but since there are so many incredible creators out there in blog land there are always new and exciting Ombre Home Decor DIY Projects to go around.  Wait until you see these … [Read more...]

Avocado Creamy Dressing


I personally and mad for Avocados!  Everything always tastes a bit more decadent with the creamy goodness of an avocado.  Here's a quick and easy SIMPLE  Avocado Creamy Dressing that your salad will fall in love with and it also makes an amazing dip! It's cool and creamy! It makes every salad simply dreamy! Oh...and don't tell anyone but … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Knock-off Series Six


It's time for Part SIX of our Pottery Barn Knock-off Series Six and you are all in for a fabulous treat.  The DIY Projects in this issue are over the top amazing and the tutorials are incredible.  What is even better is that they all look like they just walked out the front door of Pottery Barn but the price tag is about one tenth or lower of the … [Read more...]

7 Quick and Easy Ikea Hacks


Guess what time it is?  It's IKEA Hack Snack time of course!  This is when we find 7 IKEA Hacks for you to enjoy!  Today we have 7 Quick and Easy IKEA Hacks...all can be done in less than an afternoon.  Gotta love that!  If you are looking for some cool and fashionable storage...there are a few DIY Projects here with your name on them!  If you are … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Gold Leaf Monogram Art Prints


Today we have something really special for you, FREE Printable Gold Leaf Monogram Art Prints.  They are perfect for so many thing!  The come in a 5X7 size but they can be resized so you can use these Letters and Numbers for Banners, Buntings, Gift Tags, Weddings, Greeting Cards, Table Numbers, Place Card Settings, Framed Art Work and so much more.  … [Read more...]

DIY Projects Junkin Joe { August 22, 2014 }


Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures…home decor diy projects…scrap-booking creations and everything in between.  You can even share … [Read more...]

Free Carpe Diem Art Prints


We have some fun and classic Free Carpe Diem Art Prints for you today in Chalkboard style.  You are going to find them all over in today's home decor so we thought it would be fun to make them for you in two different styles.  All you have to do is click on the link of choice!  Here are your previews...ENJOY! We start with this horizontal 8X10 … [Read more...]

Free Fonts The Cottage Market August 2014 Favorites


Fonts…Fonts…Fonts!  What’s better than Fonts? The answer would be FREE FONTS!  I have to say that I never get enough of them.  There always seems to be an abundance of them and choosing which one or ones to use is difficult because they are all wonderful!  Well today we take a little break from the summer heat to take a peek at The Cottage Market’s … [Read more...]

7 Quick and Easy No-Sew Home Decor DIY Projects


Well...all of the regular readers here at The Cottage Market that 2 of my FAVORITE words are NO SEW!!!  Sew...I decided to put together a little collection of all kinds of Quick and Easy No-Sew Home Decor DIY Projects.  What a fabulous selection it is!  It includes curtains...seat covers...an incredible Play Time Teepee that is beyond clever!  Then … [Read more...]

Industrial Pipe Home Decor DIY Projects


I can tell you one thing for certain...these Industrial Pipe Home Decor DIY Projects are awesome and I am personally totally inspired!  I have so wanted to make some things out of industrial pipe but have not gotten there yet...but it is going to be happening soon and I will make sure to share with you...I even have my first project sketched … [Read more...]

Trivet DIY Projects


I can hear my Mother's voice...put something under that Andrea it's HOT!!!  Now I say the same thing!  Everyone needs some trivets right?  So of course we had to put together a "cool" collection of Trivet DIY Projects.  They are fabulous...quick and easy to make and you will always have a fashionable place to put those hot dishes that come out of … [Read more...]

Magazine Rack DIY Projects


I don't know about you...but even though we live in a digital world and everything we read seems to be on line or on an ipad...I still love my magazines in real form.  So I put together a really cool collection of Magazine Rack DIY Projects that I know you will enjoy.  They range from WAY quick and easy to some projects that will take you an … [Read more...]