A perfect Cottage Kitchen

Good morning one and all.  Hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend.  I have to tell you that I am starting to develop a Pinterest addiction…yes…it is happening.  The fun part of it all though is that I can share with you my fabulous finds and it is truly and eye candy experience!  The other thing I really love about Pinterest is if you really love what you are looking at with one more click you are brought to the persons blog and WOW what finds!  So, Pinterest truly does allow people to enjoy, blogs to grow, businesses to expand and just make the world a prettier place.  Plus I think it offers so much inspiration for some new project! So here is my first Pinterest Post…let’s say this is Kitchen part 1! It is truly my most favorite room in the house.  It truly is where families blossom, friends share and doggies beg for treats!  A place where warm and delicious meals are enjoyed, scrumptious baked goods are created and devoured!  It is where the problems of the world seem a little bit softer for the moment.  Bottom line…a Kitchen = Love!  Enjoy!

Happy Cooking and Happy Loving Times to you all!  Have a HAPPY DAY
you can be assured that there is a part 2 in the near future!


  1. i am a complete Pinterest addict! i am following your pins now :)
    great pins you’ve featured…we have the same taste for sure!

  2. Andrea thanks for sharing the beautiful kitchen pictures. They make me want to re decorate.

  3. Hey Sweetie…I’m all for the pistachio and yes the stove is a must have!

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