Crystal Candles…A Pottery Barn Knock off Tutorial for Thrifters!

How goes it everyone!  A very good morning to you all! I have a little project for you today that is so so easy and the results…stunning!  I was just looking around on the Pottery Barn site and I wound up on the candle page…well they had this beautiful set of candles in crystal containers…a set of 3 in varying sizes…hmmmmmmm…my Joe…aka Junkin Joe has been finding some really fabulous vintage crystal lately and I thought…why not give it a try!  Take a peek at the process and tell me what you think of the end result…I will show the math at the end : )  Enjoy!
A Romantic Glow…oh so easy to create…

Let’s start with some thrifted vintage crystal that has been well cleaned…shiny and ready to be adorned…

be sure that the crystal is “crystal” clean…

Now you will need some soy wax flakes…you can buy it wholesale in large amounts or you can buy just what you need at Michaels and be sure to use your 40 percent coupon.  I added no scent…I just love the glow…

You will also need wicks…available in wholesale on line but again…right there at Michael’s for easy access…

Now place your wick in the center of your vessel.  The recommendation suggests using a candle wick adhesive…but I found that it was not necessary…a tiny little drop of a tac craft glue is really all you need…it just has to stay in place while you pour the wax…so I think you can save yourself the expense…

Heat up your wax and pour.  The directions are on the package.  I chose to use the double boiler method and a glass bowl.  I simply poured the flakes in the bowl…placed on top of the boiling water which I lowered to a medium heat and stirred continuously until all was melted and then immediately removed and poured.

pour and let set…it takes from 1/2 hour to and hour depending on the amount of wax used…

simply elegant…

make one…or a grouping…they just say elegance…

The best thing is that when they are finished burning…you can wash and reuse…make another candle…place a votive candle in them or use them as a candy dish filled with your families favorite treats or…well just use your fabulous imagination!

here is the Pottery Barns version…yes the photography is 10 times better than mine but I think we accomplished a good version

now…the math…
Pottery Barn set of 3 $49.00 and of course they are not vintage crystal pieces…they are just pretty glass but still very pretty

our vintage crystal containers courtesy of Junkin Joe’s finds…
small dish:  $.59 — 2 stemmed candy dishes @ $.99 a piece…1 package of organic soy flakes:  $7.00 – 40 percent equals $4.20 and the wicks at $1.99  total for three beautiful vintage crystal candles…
what do you think?  pretty good!

let it glow…

See you tomorrow for Thankful Thursdays and then Friday for the second installment of Junkin Joe!



  1. Amazing job! Very elegant.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. So beautiful. You just keep coming up with such beautiful projects.

  3. Hi Andrea! I love your version of the PB candles. I’ve never heard of soy wax flakes…so pretty just as they are! Great project and would be great for Valentine’s Day!

  4. I just love me a good PB knock-off, and yours is fabulous. Just beautiful, especially in time for a romantic Valentine’s evening coming up ;) Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us, love that price! Hugs ~ Mary P.S. Asking Junkin’ Joe to get *me* some of those great finds, I’m not finding great things at my thrift stores at this time :)

  5. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I have to say that I think yours are so much prettier than the PB version <3

  6. Wonderful idea! I’ll be looking for some glass this weekend. :)

  7. Joy joy joy….I have done this with teacups…but I do love the glass idea too. So easy! I have oodles of wax…must make up some more. You always make me happy everytime I visit.

    Love to you for a perfectly wonderful day…xoxox

  8. Your candles and your pics are BETTER than PB! Way to go, girl! ♥

  9. Gorgeous! I have some wax to use from a kit so will definitely pin this and give it a go.
    Also, wanted to let you know that I used your pretty tape strips on some pics today. I’m still learning how to use them but I love the effect so far. Ever think of doing a tutorial on how to create your own???

  10. I had no idea you can buy the wax like that! Wow what a super idea.

  11. That is so easy, love it! Yours look great

  12. I think I will be cleaning out my old crystal vases and bowls and repurposing them…great idea thanks!

  13. Those are beautiful and so inexpensive the way you have done them! It’s a great idea for gift giving.
    I am your newest follower. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today!
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Oh I love it… So very PRETTY and just in time for Valentines… :)

  15. so very pretty.. and I would choose yours over pottery barn’s!!

  16. What a wonderful idea! I never thought of making my own candles .. I’m glancing over at my china cabinet as I type this ….



  17. Those are so pretty! Glad you used soy. It’s safer to use and safer to breathe!Sorry…I’m a nurse! LOL

  18. Very pretty! And the cost can’t be beat!! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Polkadots on Parade!

  19. WOW! =)
    I have become extreemeeeelllyyyy obsessed with Yankee candles, not just because of their scents, but because of how pretty they look in my room! But these are so cost-efficient and just as beautiful! It doesn’t seem hard at all!!!!

  20. Your candles are so pretty! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

  21. Your candles are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tutorial,

  22. What a beautiful idea! Great tutorial.

  23. What do I think? Well, FANTASTIC, is what I think!!! I love these little beauties, Andrea. And the savings…OMG! Are you sure you’re not Martha Stewart pretending to be Andrea? Come on…you can tell me! It’ll be our little secret. BTW…pop on over and leave a comment for my giveaway, girl! Much love, Lisa

  24. Oh yea I am totally loving these. I always see crystal at thrift stores that is so pretty and never buy-I guess I will be now.
    Thanks for always inspiring

  25. Those are really pretty!! I love the tape strip with your photos!!! Such a nice touch!!

  26. It is so pretty – I love it in the glass!

  27. Love it!! Thanks for linking up!

    XO, Aimee

  28. Real vintage is prettier than the PB version, you’ve made a beautiful set, the candles plus you & Joe!

  29. I have a story on crystal coming up very soon….I think you will like it. There are so many things you can make with crystal and most of us have the pieces in the back of our cupboards. These candles are gorgeous Andrea, just gorgeous xo

  30. Gorgeous and very romantic.
    Great finds once again Junkin Joe.

  31. I love this idea! I’m going to mark this page and see if I can come up with something like this! Thanks! ♥

  32. ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this project! Gorgeous!!!! xoxoxo

  33. so very beautiful! this is a great idea for your lovely crystal finds!!
    I’ll be hunting around my home this weekend for some vintage crystal & those wicks that have been waiting for something just like this!

  34. Beautiful! I’m going to make one in the little crystal dish you sent me!!!!
    Have a fabulous day and enjoy that rain!!!! I’m so jealous. We need it badly here California!!!!

  35. Oh I love this….yours are prettiest ! Love to create my Pottery Barn knock-offs…I did a few for Christmas when I fell in love with their Mercury Glass candle holders….of course I flew over to Sav On Crafts and found knock-offs and purchased….even prettier and such a bargain…..thank you for sharing these….again…lovely !

  36. Hi, Just wanted to stop by and say Hello! I am your newest follower! Just love your How To’s and the picture of your Adorable French bulldog is Priceless!
    Thanx For Sharing a Little bit of Yourself here in Blogland!

  37. Beautiful! :)

  38. Beautiful! Yours are much prettier :)

  39. Featuring your candles tomorrow night at Project Queen Highlights! Thanks for linking up Andrea. Love these!

  40. Love this! What a great tutorial.. and so pretty too!

    Thanks for linking up to Financial Friday :)

  41. I’m definitely trying this!!! Thanks for the tutorial. :) Visiting from My uncommon slice of suburbia

  42. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog from a linky party- wow this is so cute, thank you for sharing! I am now your newest follower and I hope that you will follow me too. Thanks and I look forward to seeing your future creations :)

  43. Your crystal are much prettier then PB. I just picked up some crystal today to do the same thing.I don’t know how everyone in other states finds such great prices. Here in Illinois the charge $9 for the larger crystals. Good Will and Salvation Army and other Thrift/resale stores here wants to make $$$$$. It stinks, you have to be really lucky to find a good deal out here.

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