Week in Review

I would like to wish you all a Good Morning!  The weekend is here and I hope you enjoy every minute of it doing something that you love with everyone that you love!  I have been hearing so many of you suffering from the winter “blues” so I hope that you get to do something fun and enjoy!
I actually can’t believe it is time for the 
Week In Review
once again…but it is…so I hope you have a delicious cup of something warm and yummy next to you so you can sit back and relax for a few minutes and take a peek at what some fabulous people have been up to!  Hope you have fun!

A Beautiful Transformation
is this the most amazing Head Board!
When I saw this amazing transformation created by Kristen from

I had to share it with you!  Wait until you see the entire room…it is a pure dream and your head will be spinning with tons of ideas…a truly remarkable…one more sneak peak at my favorite part…this sweet pink dresser...
isn’t she sweet…wait until you see the other show stopper …it is a pink striped settee that is amazing!  Hope you enjoy…you are going to adore her blog!
With this pink beauty above… I had to share these incredible truffles with you since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…
How sweet do these look all Pretty in Pink!  They are called 
Pink Marc de Champagne truffles…these would make someone really happy on the big day!
You can snatch them up here
Speaking of Valentine’s Day…There are so many wonderful projects out there!  
Desiree over at
has a great little V Day Mirror project that I am sure you would all love to create a version of…take a peek and get the how to on her blog! How cute is this!

Well here’s one of those…”I wish I thought of that” moments…check out this adorable gift idea from Amy over at

You can get the how to on her blog…isn’t this a fabulous gift idea…perfect for a teacher…friend…anyone!
Okay…This is turning into a Pink Post…so I am going to go with it…here’s a great little project for all of you that are handy with the sewing machine (unfortunately this does not include me: ( but these are just too cute not to share!
Created by

how adorable are these!!!!
 then I also fond these on her blog…  Speaking of sweet…I just thought that this was a brilliant idea and great for me because I have just one too many candy canes hanging around from the holidays…check it out…

Then there are these sweet little Pink Lemonade Pie Tarts from

so sweet!
Now now about this special Valentine’s Day Mantle created by my dear friend Gina from

How lovely is this!

and let’s not forget those adorable arrows from
Jessica has the how to’s on her blog
 I also had to share this absolutely precious “pink” photo I saw this morning on the lovely and inviting
 so pretty!

I also had a little Heart project that I featured on Wednesday…in case you missed it…you can click here for the tutorial
Pretty little heart magnets or pins!
Well this little week in review has turned into one that has a lot of “Pink Heart” 
but before we go today…I want you to meet this special lady…her name is Heather… I just met her online yesterday.  She wrote me a sweet email and told me about her story.  She has been reading my blog and she felt as though my friends “readers” would be just the perfect audience to share her amazing story…she wants to share all that she has experienced with the chance it might help someone through a very difficult struggle with cancer…I thought it was so incredibly sweet of her to want to help those around her…it warmed my heart…She is a mom of a beautiful 7 year old!  If you have a moment…take a peek at this courageous mother, wife and survivor…you never know who it might help through some rough times.  She is a Mom and an amazing optimist! !We all know these things can happen to anyone…and it is nice that someone is lending a loving hand.

One more thing…if you are looking for a good watch on TV…if you haven’t started watching
Downton Abbey
…you owe yourself the treat!

to all and I will see you tomorrow for

I hope you got to see something new today and enjoyed it!  That’s what this review is all about…sharing others creativity!!!


  1. Happy Saturday sweet Andrea! What a wonderful way to start my morning. :)

  2. Delicious eye candy! Thanks for all the great links and pictures!

  3. I always love your week in review!
    This is the kind of “newspaper” that I like!
    Thanks for coming by yesterday and for your encouragement! ♥

  4. Andrea,

    I LOVE all your pink (especially that mug)! But the important question is, “When is Downton Abbey on?” I want to watch!!!!!


  5. I love how you encourage us to sit back with a warm drink and something yummy hehe it’s like you know how to make us feel like home, reading your posts.
    and it totallllyyy works! Reading these posts with a nice cup of coffee, to start the day is really relaxing and uplifting. Anything else would just be stressful in the morning haha

    anyways, thanks for linking Heather! It really does give hope and encouragement; I’m sure she’ll touch many lives with her story.

    And that headboard, wowwww I wish I could sleep under something beautiful like that! =)

  6. Your blog is total eye candy!! I just wanted to leave you quick note, to say I featured your shop and blog on my post this weekend. Thanks!

  7. What a beautiful blog–I thought I was following you, but I guess I wasn’t..I am now! I keep looking back at that bed–the most beautiful bed ever! I think plan to make those doily ornaments you posted awhile back–those would be so pretty for Valentines day too! Happy to be following you now:) –Sandy

  8. I love your post. You always have the best photos and updates!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  9. Love Valentines things….awesome blog by the way too!!

  10. Sweet friend, what a beautiful post. I am honored to have my photo included among so many beautiful things. I am sending you sincere wishes for happy and of course lots of hugs!

  11. Hi Andrea,

    Oh this post was a real treat! I really enjoyed the “pinks” that you shared. And that dresser is just GORGEOUS!!! I will be sure to check out all these blogs & links! :) I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far. Take care!


  12. WHat a nice variety…everything looks so festive! We are huge BBC fans but not watched Downton Abbey~ ENjoy the end of January!

  13. I think that has been the most oohs and aahs I have ever had on your gorgeous blog Andrea ! WOW ! After reading it I want to curl up in that amazing bed and eat one of those pretty heart shaped tarts ! Well done it looks amazing !

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