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Hey there everyone…hope you are enjoying your Sunday morning.  I had to put socks on (that means it is really chilly!) When I sat down to work on this post a few thoughts were rushing through my mind…the biggest one being does anyone really want to know what I think is kind of interesting on the weekends? You know what I mean?  Well I have gotten a bunch of comments and a lot of emails saying that you really do enjoy it (that made me really happy) so on the weekends The Week in Review will become a regular and so will What’s Cookin Around Town…I will also share some fabulous Etsy shops with you and who knows!  I am just so pleased you enjoy it.  The rest of the week…that’s me and my loved ones!  Now…Let’s see what’s cookin!
Many of you know that I have a blog crush on Smitten Kitchen even though it is not a vegetarian site she just creates such amazing and unique culinary delights.  I adore exploring her site and making her dishes!  Here’s two I think you might enjoy…

This incredible dish is so healthy…so filled with everything that is good for you and simply FABULOUS!!!! 

then how about this for dessert…I haven’t made it yet but it is on my list of things to do this week…

doesn’t it look yummy!  

Artichoke ravioli with tomatoes
this recipe is simply amazing…you will never be sorry that this masterpiece is starring at your table…check it out…YUM

 Brownies with Hazelnut Butter and Chocolate Lace

i mean how beautiful do these look…
Take a peek at Cafe Fernando
he created these little works of art for Dolce-Gabbana and shares the recipe and his technique…perfect for those really special occasions or just to show you care!

Did you hear that the big word in food trends this year is 
Well being an Italian girl from Jersey I am not too familiar with Nordic Cuisine but I am always willing to explore…this
Tosca Cake looks delicious and you can get the recipe at
(exploring Scandinavian Heritage through food)

Now…I was really excited to find this food blog…if there is something that I adore more than life itself is…
 so when I saw a blog named…
I was thrilled! 
here’s just a peek at what you will find…
(I love this…I am very into free range egg dishes and love to experiment…gnocchi as the base is brilliant and delicious!)
vegetarian chilli (this one is on this weeks menu here : )
Ribollita and so much more!  Of course I focus on the vegetarian creations but there are tons of selections!  I hope that these little doors of culinary heaven brighten your table sometime!
Tons of thanks to all of the amazing chefs above! Fabuloso!!!
I will see you tomorrow for an UPDATE on the
Impossibilities” Challenge and an easy and quick Meatless Monday Recipe from me!
Sending (((Hugs))) to all and look forward to a fun week!


  1. Now that my keyboard is covered in drool, let me wipe it aside and say thank you, Andrea! YUM! Have a great Sunday. blessings ~ Tanna

  2. Wow those are not only beautiful to look at they are yummy to eat. Thanks for some ideas~

  3. Wow those are not only beautiful to look at they are yummy to eat. Thanks for some ideas~

  4. Oh my, those brownies look DELICIOUS! :D

    and yes i love these week in review/what’s cooking! I would also love the whole Etsy shop reviews too! it’s hard to find stores I love because there are so many good ones!!! I would love some suggestions! =)

  5. Oh Geees that all looks so good. What time is dinner? (giggles)

  6. Oh Me Oh My!!!!! these look Amazing…. My Italian husband LOVES Gnocchi so this looks VERY interesting…. We have chickens and we are so thankful for FRESH FRESH eggs… Oh and those Chocolate Lace Brownies… YUMMY!!!

  7. Oh yum…those look SO good! That will be something to look forward to each week!

  8. Andrea girl~ You are making me hungry!! Bring your sweet self over to my first ever “SweetTalkin’ Sunday Link Party” at http://www.thesweettalkshop.com/2012/01/sweettalkin-sunday-1.html
    You can help make all me readers hungry too!!

  9. Yum Yum Yum !!! x

  10. Wow, so many of these dishes look super yummy! Thank you for sharing!!

  11. All look so delicious. I love that lacy chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

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