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Morning from the deep freeze called New Jersey!!!  We reached single digits this morning and it is suppose to be 50 tomorrow…go figure?  Well what does one need when it is cold outside?  Some yummy new recipes to explore…right!  Of course!  I have to tell you there is just such a vast wave of food varieties out there…every culinary delight you could imagine!  I think it is fabulous that they are there at your finger tip (literally…one click and viola!)  So I am exploring the air waves this morning for you and sharing some of my finds…maybe something will catch your eye and tempt your taste buds…I just hope you enjoy… that is all that is important…

Bon Appetit!

I am so thrilled to introduce you to an absolutely fabulous cooking blog…many of you probably know it all ready but for those that do not without further ado…
This blog does not only contain amazing recipes but it has the most glorious photography…


There is something for everyone here…the desserts are amazing also! Not only is everything scrumptious…it is a feast for the eyes!  I think you are going to love it!

Check out 
for this sensational Marmalade Recipe…YUM!!!!

You know these well…they are Scallion Pancakes…you know the kind that come from the appetizer section on your paper Chinese Menu?  Well I am going to tell you …if you try this SIMPLE recipe you will not be ordering them ever again…these are amazingly delicious…simple to make…inexpensive and just perfect!  Check out This great recipe from 
oh yes…while you are there…check this recipe out for
Pea and Shiitake Dumplings…one of my favorites!

This would be the perfect way to bring in the Chinese New Year…The Year of the Dragon!

I know that there are many dietary issues for many…so many people have a Gluten intolerance…if you are effected by this…Please take a peek at the wonderful site called:
She has a vast array of wonderful recipes for everyone
from muffins
check it out…gluten free does not mean flavor free : )

YUMMY Mummy has been at it again!!!!! Check out these amazing little cupcakes…

Do you remember the gorgeous lace hazelnut brownies from
Cafe Fernando last week?  
Well he is at it again with the Best Chocolate Mousse EVER!!!!
You are going to be astounded how quick this recipe is and you will WOW your guests and your family…absolutely scrumptious and all other pale in comparison!  REALLY! Do everyone a favor and put this on your to do list!

3 words…to die for!

So…are you hungry???  Hope you enjoyed this little culinary trip…the journey will continue every Sunday…same time…same place…The Cottage Market!

Next week I will be adding a new little section to this post…
Tasty and Helpful Tips!  

Till tomorrow where we will have an update on the “Impossibilities” Challenge and most probably a Meatless Monday Post!

Till then…tons of


  1. Oh, my gosh, these all look sooooo delicious, Andrea. Thank you for the links!! Have a wonderful Sunday. blessings ~ tanna

  2. These look very good!

  3. Yes it was our first snow day in NJ so in honor of that I made a pot of turkey chilli, some pumpkin muffins, and a chocoloate cake for my nieces birthday party today!! I love snow days when I don’t have to leave the house even if it was only enough to cover the ground and cars it was still a cozy stay in kinda day!

  4. Mmmmmmm….I definitely want to try the scallion pancakes (I use scallion all the time). Parmesan roasted asparagus, Nummy! To top it off, chocolate mousse is my favorite:)

  5. Luv the Champagne Sorbet!

  6. I’m looking through this while sipping yummy coffee ~ soooooooo nice haha
    Thanks for sharing these sites! I think i’ll recommend some to my mom too hehe

  7. Wow! Those look really yummy! I am such a foodie…I have to check out those blogs for sure!

  8. Why oh why did I click on your “What’s Cooking” headline with an empty stomach? Serves me right. And now I must pin that scallion pancake recipe. It looks delish!


  9. oh what lovely images and i bet the dishes are even better! xoxoxox

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