A week in review and a little of this and that!

Good morning friends…happy weekend!  It is actually snowing here in New Jersey today…so I am sending some virtual snow flakes!  I hope you have a great day and enjoy whatever moment you are in!
 As usual I have a little week in review for you today…a bit of this and a bit of that…my goal is to try to bring you something new that you haven’t seen…there are many fabulous blogs and creative people out there and I love sharing them with my readers.  So here are some things you might have seen before or might not have…bottom line I hope you enjoy!
I was visiting my dear friend Desiree on her fabulous blog
(if you haven’t been there…run over it is an awesome place)

Well I saw a blogger there that I have never seen before and I have to share her with you…I think I have another blog crush!
Check out Lucy from
here is just a little sample of what you will find…
you can get the how-to on these beautiful creations and then…

 Lucy fills you in on how to create your own gorgeous rose blossoms!  There is so much more so go take a look…you will be so thrilled that you did!  Kudos Lucy for being awesome!
or and friends…Desiree has a great DIY this week…check out her numbered mugs...

Speaking of Awesome… 
Jessica from 
is back after a little rest after her accident where she broke her hand…she is back in full swing and I am positive that you are going to want to see her newest feature where she goes shopping…you will fall in love immediately!

Here is a little teaser…then go check out the rest…you will be so glad you did! Jessica…wonderful to have you back with us…(HUGS)
how great is this…go shopping some more over at:
Here is some wonderful Inspiration for you from Kari over at

This fabulous project is called:
I know you will be inspired!
check out the rest!  pretty cool right!

Oh I really think you are going to enjoy this from our friends at
you can get the how to’s for this fabulous Sack Screen
over at Flea Market Style…step by step…you will love it! 

Now here is something that is so awesome…take for example you would like to paint your studio in one of the colors in that beautiful divider…well if you hop on over to
The Shabby Creek Cottage
there is an awesome new tool to use to find your perfect paint color…it is called…hop on over to the creek to get the download!

Here is another New find for me and this blog is simply PRECIOUS
 Check out this little Valentines project…you still have time to make them and she gives you the free download!!! I mean…come on…how cute are these!
I have to say this is brilliant!!! oh the possibilities right!
Ok…here’s this weeks recommendation…it is not a TV show or a movie…it is a fabulous cookbook simply called…
I can speak for this book because it is in my collection…one of my newest Vegetarian Cookbooks…many people ask me how you can continue being a vegetarian and I think my answer now is going to be…because of Plenty!  It is filled with tons of innovative recipes that are hearty and delicious…if you are looking to add more meatless meals into your life…check out the pages of this book!
I have NO ties to this publication…simply own it and LOVE it and want to share!
Well my friends…hope you enjoyed this little Week In Review…I will see you tomorrow for another chapter of
What’s Cooking!!!
See you then with some tasty treats!
to all!


  1. Good morning! I’m a vegetarian and haven’t heard of that cookbook but I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great features. Can’t wait to check them out.


  3. As always, you seem to find things I have never seen before! And your so cute to include my day yesterday! Oh and Andrea…I’m not from Texas silly! FLORIDA! And Lucy is a really good blogging friend of mine. Her blog (Craftberry Bush)is incredible and probably one of the most inspiring for me. And she is incredibly sweet too. :) Happy Saturday sweet Andrea!

  4. So many amazing finds! I’m gonna go check them all out!

  5. oooh snowing again over there? lucky!! =)

    Anyways, another nice day starting with these wonderful finds!
    I definitely needed this before starting my exam studying hehehe
    But thanks for finding us another V-day tutorial!! SO cute!
    I’m going crazy with V-day projects with my sister!

  6. So, lovely! I’m thrilled that you received your present in the mail. Enjoy! You deserve all the Shabby Love you can surround yourself with, friend! I adore you! Much love, Lisa

  7. Hey Andrea…what a lovely surprise….I’ve been a fan of yours for a bit through feed..( I found you through Jessica’s blog) no hard feelings you had no idea who I was.,,;) i look forward to get to knowing you better…xo

  8. So many fun finds! I need to hop over and learn how to make those crafted rose blossoms, so pretty. Hopefully you’re enjoying the snow! I’ll be thinking of you all bundled up while I’m at the beach today. ;) xo

  9. More lovelies to look at Andrea..Between you and Junkin Joe I may overdose on pretty..lol

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