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Good Morning one and all!  I don’t know where the time goes but it is Sunday morning once again and it is time for What’s Cooking!  
This is where I go through tons and tons of recipes and bring you what I believe you will enjoy and have fun preparing!  Of course they will always be either sweet or vegetarian but that is a vast array so let’s go explore…hope there is one here you will want to experiment with!

This yummy recipe comes from 
an excellent blog filled with unbelievable recipes and experiences.

Cauliflower Gratin Recipe

this is simply scrumptious and if you are a cauliflower lover…a must try!

Now here is a blog that you are going to fall in love with …it is so adorable and the recipes are simply amazing and beyond delicious…here is something that you might want to serve on Valentines Day or ANY day…you know breakfast for dinner…this is a perfect one!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Paninis with Panera Bread
so incredible delicious…accessible and easy!

Here’s a little different spin on a salad for every day meal time that I think you might enjoy…serve this with a bowl of yummy soup and a piece of crusty bread and you have a gourmet meal that the family will adore!
Chickpea salad with sundried tomatoes, feta and a fistful of herbs

Yum!!! There are tons of wonderful recipes here…take a peek!

You will find this next dish ultra easy…delicious and fun! Simple good ingredients just come together for a perfect taste. Always feel free to add a few extra ingredients…I added some roasted asparagus and some fresh peas!

Ginger Fried Rice

has been at it again…I am making this TODAY!!! Wish I had this recipe for the Super Bowl!

Cheddar, beer and mustard pull-apart bread…I can taste it with my eyes!

Here is a little super easy Broccoli Curry Udo 

fast…easy and delicious!

oh and I couldn’t resist showing you what 
Marina from
has been up to this week!  It is gorgeous and it has one of my favorite ingredients in the world…Blood Oranges!
Plus…it’s pink!

this is in my immediate future!

Well my friends…hope something on this menu makes your mouth water and I sure hope you try preparing one of these delicious creations! 

See you tomorrow on Meatless Monday!
That recipe is always mine : )

Sending hugs…have a great day!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today…your blog is wonderful…yammie foods today !!…love Ria…xxx..

  2. You find the best places to get recipes! Thanks for sharing!! Happy Sunday My Sweet Blog Friend!!

  3. Mouthwatering pictures…..yum!

  4. ohhhhh my goodness, that fried rice looks amazingly delicious!!! =)
    Same with the pull-apart bread!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing these yummy inspirational foods~

  5. Andrea, as always, such delicious offerings! You brought me back to memories of when I used to eat cream cheese and jelly sandwiches! Totally forgot about that …


  6. Mmmm… great sites to check out. Thanks Andrea.
    I love cooking and I love cooking blogs for the amazing photography.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  7. Lots of yummies to try xo

  8. yummy and healthy!

    Hong Kong property

  9. Yum, yum!!! I am definitely going to try the cauliflower dish…and the chick pea salad. Happy Monday!! xo

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