Week in Review

Good morning!  The weekend is here and I sure hope you have a fabulous one!  Before you go out and enjoy your day…pick up a cup of something yummy and check out a few things that have been happening in the blogosphere!  Hopefully you just might see something that you haven’t before…hope this little post inspires and entertains!  ENJOY!
Well I am sure you have seen it…but I still have to show you just in case you didn’t!  Desiree over at
had a big kitchen reveal this week and I sure hope you hop over and take a look…it is fabulous…my favorite part is the details…here’s just a little sneak peek…you will have to visit to see the rest and it is worth the click for SURE!
 so FRESH!!!!!

I thought this was a cool post to share with you!  
(a brand new fabulous blog for me!)
has some wonderful paint tips to share…vinegar is not just for salads as you will see…
 so many fabulous tips!  Check it out!

Here’s another FUN egg project that is just so cute!!!
These ruffled cuties are the brain storm of…
aren’t they cute…check out the HOW To on this unique and fun blog!
  Here’s a wreath that just SCREAMS SPRING
so pretty and you can see more at
How can you go wrong with the beauty!!! Check it out!
Erin has such a gorgeous blog…I know you will ENJOY!!!
Now if you are looking to do a fun…quick…clean and ADORABLE craft with the kids for Spring…well here it is!  Brought to you by
SOOOOOOO Cute!!! : )

Here is yet another quick…easy…cute and YUMMY treat for the kids…I was told first had by the creator that these are EASY PEASY even with little hands in the assist!  Check out these
Salted Caramel Birds Nest Cookies from

a first time visit for me and it was a pure delight!  don’t these look delicious!
WOW!!! Need some eye candy…check out
These little bunny cookies are precious and wait till you see her other creations…fall off the chair FABULOUS!!!!
 how about these peeps….
You can get the how to…
 over at her blog…WOW you are in for a TREAT!!!! her culinary creations are AWESOME!!!!!
Well it looks like 
has something precious for us!
isn’t this a gorgeous banner!  you can get the down load over at her blog and the Matching Time Line Frame…I just happen to have one to show you what it can look like when you add your picture…
 now how cute is this…I mean the time line : ) lol!!! 
Pops and Basil wanted to model this new creation!
you need this for your digital files…there are tons of goodies over the…check it out!

Here’s a beautiful idea for the Garden…the time is coming that we can all enjoy the beautiful weather once again…
This beautiful Tea Cart is the creation of…
so beautiful…take a visit to this gorgeous blog for more inspiration!  I know it will become a regular for me!

Speaking of Outside beauty…Check out the table setting that is fit for an Alice in Wonderland Party…
A creation from
oh there is SOOOOOOO much more to see…check it out!
I am going to leave you today with just a beautiful blog…one that you feel as though you are immersed in the most luxurious bubble bath while holding a flute of champagne!  This is the kind of blog that I train my own “Junkin Joe” with…saying see…this is what to look for! 
 Hope you enjoy this little moment of zen…let me begin with a sneak peek…
till tomorrow when we check out
What’s Cooking!


  1. Happy weekend my friend…I need to get a cup of tea and visit some of your dear friends…so much inspiration! xoxxoox HUGs..and thanks again. I love your weekend in review!

  2. So many interesting ideas and cute items, but Pops and Basil are my pick for headliner this week :)

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. Jennelise Rose’s blog is Beautiful! I can’t wait to sit down and really read it (and look at all the eye candy!). And, Lizy B has some great eye candy, too! I think I just gained 10 pounds just from looking at the pictures!

  4. andrea- just love your week in review. hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. I think these posts of yours are my favorite. You always have beautiful, new things to see! Thank you sweet Andrea!

  6. Pop and Basil look very sweet in their new timeline header!

  7. Oh, what fun~ LOVE the doggies, cute cookies, pretty wreath! Nice wrap up. As to what to drink, I will run downstairs and grab a cuppa…I hear the kettle singing :)

  8. Thank you for mentioning my Ruffled Easter eggs! Have a great week!

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