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Well morning to you…do you feel refreshed after you lost an hour of sleep!  Not to worry…come on in…yummy treats are cooking here at The Cottage Market…maybe just one of these delicious finds will wipe away the sand in your eyes and make you smile…I know they will make you hungry!  Today I am not following any theme…just good eats that I think you will enjoy! One theme…vegetarian as always…it is simply amazing how fabulous it can be!
So let’s see
What’s Cooking!

Let’s start with Dessert!
My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw these!  
Salted Caramel Cupcakes
from the awesome blog
what an amazing blog…you can actually feel the pounds going on as you read…but so worth it!  
 These are getting made here at the Cammarata house for SURE!!!

Well when I saw this recipe I did a little dance (not very pretty…but I couldn’t handle the JOY
What an incredible blog this is…if you are looking for something incredibly delicious and sweet you must check out

This blog has such an interesting spin…really take the time to go there…I know you will have a great time!
I have this one pinned and will be trying it this week for sure!
The Asparagus season is short but oh so delicious!
This beauty comes from the pages of

This makes me VERY happy!!!
This simply yet very enticing recipe comes from the pages of
This blog is a pure delight…it is like jetting off to India and being served a banquet table of all things fabulous!
Indian Coconut Rice 
easy and yummy!
I have this salad marked for this week…another delight on this blog!
As I was looking at all the goodies on Pinterest…I saw this incredible beauty!  I want to make it this second!  The thought of avocado and sweet potato in perfect harmony just puts a smile on my face!
From the pages of
Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado!
Doesn’t this look AMAZING!!!
 Isn’t this gorgeous!  This is such an easy creation and simply delicious (I have made it!) A great dinner for the family…add a salad and viola supper is ready!

Incredible Blog
The Italian Dish
Cherry Tomato Puff Pastry Tart
Heaven on earth! While you are at this blog…check out this gorgeous and easy cake…
Nutella Bread…did you know that Nutella is the 8th wonder of the world! ; )
Now I am told that Strawberry Season is upon us…a little bit later in New Jersey but for those of you that are blessed with the early harvest…you might want to check out this incredibly simple
No-Cook Strawberry Freezer Jam 
from the always wonderful
 Can’t wait for tons of fruit to be in season!!!!

I think these incredible doughnuts are calling my name…no I mean my families name…
just has the recipes to make me smile
Spiced Pink Lady Apple Baked Doughnuts  
 where’s my coffee…I’m ready to eat!

Well my friends…hope you enjoyed this little diverse selection this morning!  I was having a lot of internet problems since they are working on upgrading but after 2 1/2 hours I finally got it done!  

Bon Appetit and ENJOY!!!!

sending hugs till tomorrow!


here’s your dachshund moment…

so that’s where they come from! LOL!!!! 
pops and basil are sending you hugs too!!! and doxie kisses!


  1. What a delicious food on this beautiful spring sunday….love from me….xxx….

  2. Beautiful and yummy collection. I will have to make something. We’re all bored with our food right now. I need something new. Love asparagus and the cherry tomato tart looks delicious.

  3. So mouth watering! Wonderful yummy finds! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Unfortunately, I did know that nutella is the 8th wonder of the world…….I have yet to find something that does not taste better with nutella on it.

  5. Oh my word these all look to yummy for words! I wasn’t hungry until I came here.
    Thanks for sharing all these yummy treats

  6. ALMOND JOY CUPCAKES..OH YEAH!!!..Love the Doxie cartoon!!

  7. Thanks for introducing me to some more great healthy food blogs! That sweet potato burger looks great!

  8. OH, wow! You always find the best of everything! I seriously don’t know what I would want to eat first here! But I’m definitely craving sweets now and I’m gonna have to go find something! =) Hugs to you too!

  9. Salted caramel cupcakes…love! And so many other great recipes…already opened a few in my browser…thanks!

  10. I am not even hungrey (had a delicious perfectly cooked steak for dinner)but I want to eat everything you showed :) TFS

  11. Those veggie burgers and doughnuts are calling my name! They look SO good!

  12. dang! between these cupcakes and those extra chocolately oreos i am having a major sweets craving now!

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