It’s a Cinch Wrap Up Features!

Well…the party is over…
and it is time to depart…
it was such a success even though it had a little late start…
our friends kept dropping by oh…and the goodies they carried…
creation after creation that would not make you harried…
the heart in each item will surely make you smile…
a trip through this list is like a cruise down the Nile…
so when you find yourself needing a last minute project…
and the time that you have defies all logic…
what will you do when you feel this tight pinch…
come check out all the goodies on
Now…here’s the hard part…every single post is glowing on the long list!  Each one was wonderful…everything was 
and my friends:
Karah from the space between
Kari from Thistlewood Farm
Here are just a few flashbacks of the celebration!
Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!
Let’s start by waking everyone up with this adorable…cottage chic and shabby 
Pink Alarm Clock!
 When something does not fit your decor…No problem…its a cinch
to fix as you will see over at
 love it!
plus  you will see this cutie over there…I couldn’t resist giving Bailey some air time…

 how cute is he…I am sure he’s no cinch but sooooo adorable!

 Now if you have that Spring decorating fever…here is something that is perfect for Easter but can stay out…well forever…let
show you something so simple that will be just your cup of tea! 
oh the possibilities!
Speaking of tea…how about some
Berry Delicious…Strawberry Trifle to go with it!
This is so quick and easy peasy your head will spin…
A culinary delight from
Since we are on the subject of FRUIT!!! Here is another
Cinchy creation that I adore…I make this a lot especially when fruit is at the peek season!  
Take a peek at this wonderful blog…
as she shows you the how to’s to make this yummy
Fruit Pizza!
 hungry? I am : )

Now here is a simple project brought to you by
a chalkboard…who can’t use one right!  Easy Peasy Quick and Easy

Speaking of Chalkboards…who says it has to be about a board…Aimee over at
hatched this great idea…

I have to tell you friends…I am in love with this piece!  It is the brain child of

it is a wonderful piece of art that she developed from start to finish and it has amazing results!
Something as simple as vase filler marbles can create this masterpiece…
get a closer look at this innovative blog! ps…yes…these marbles come in pink! : )
Well Stacy over at the adorable blog
makes flower arranging a Spring Breeze!
Have a ball with this…the possibilities are endless!

Love it!

Well I just love this…TV Tables are not just for frozen dinners any more…this one has left the 50′s and has joined the new century…it is simply fabulous! 
The creation of:
another pup sighting…had to include the banner : )
and there is more…take a peek!
I adore this beautiful and oh so easy project…it is one that will bring beauty to your home all year round…who knew a simple 
lazy susan could be so wonderful…
This creation is brought to us by:
here’s a closer look…
hop on over and get the how to!!!

 Well my friends…it was a great party!  I hate to see it end…but do not fear…in May there will be yet another 
Mission:  Possible
 Adventure…this time we will be taking it outside! 
 So stay tuned to see what we are up to!

All of us want to thank each and every person that came and visited and shared their remarkable projects…like I said I wish each one could be featured because ALL the project deserve a spotlight…so consider it shining on you!

Now if you would like…grab this button:

Sending tons of


  1. Andrea what a delightful surprise to see my strawberry trifle amoung all of these wonderful spotlighted projects! Thank you all so much for hosting such a fun party! Will be looking forward to May for the next one! Have a great week and Happy Easter!!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my little chalkboard! I’m also your newest follower!! Amanda

  3. The number of talented and creative ladies in blogland never ceases to AMAZE me. So much better than any glossy magazine full of store-bought items. I LOVE it and this party is a fabulous way to showcase it.

    Thank you so much for creating it!!

    Happy Easter!


  4. Andrea,

    You always make me smile. I truly am amazed by your generosity and sweet spirit. How much fun is it to co-host together! I am so blessed to have met you in blogland :)


  5. Andrea,
    Another fun party with one of my favorite Jersey girls!

    Love your features – so much fun to have 5 people featuring!


  6. Andrea,

    You are such a fabulous co-host! Love your features … and thanks so much for the wonderful buttons!


  7. thanks so much, andrea, for sharing my clock…and bailey:)! i just love these new parties-thanks for hosting them!

  8. I love these features! I especially like the chalkboard. So many easy projects to do. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Andrea,
    Your features were fabulous. So beautifully showcased and each one felt like you gave it extra special attention. Just lovely. I am off to visit and pin many. Like that fantastic tray table!! Have a super day =)

  10. What a beautiful and nice post Andrea…have a nice week …love from me…xxx..

  11. Congrats on hosting such a splendidly successful party, Andrea. I’ve been following along and have met some more lovelies here in blogland. You continue to spread the love and I am so grateful for that! Much love, Lisa

  12. Andrea, I sure to adore co-hosting these parties with you. Your features are such a fun reflection of what I envision your style to be. Aren’t those daffodils in mason jars from Stacey just awesome?!?!

  13. Such great easy ideas to try..Thanks for sharing Andrea!!

  14. Great choices! Between that post and your meatless Monday, I’m starving. Off to lunch, I guess:)


  15. Andrea, thank you so much for featuring my fruit pizza! Every time I see it, I want to make one!!
    Have a great week!

  16. Beautiful inspirations!! Thanks for sharing!! xo Heather

  17. thank you so much for the feature, sweet Andrea!! loved all of your other picks too…i am salivating over that fruit pizza…

  18. Oh you are a little treasure ! Thankyou so much xxxxxxx

    I have had an amazing day at the flower markets. I’ve had 2 hours sleep in the past day but it was worth it. Too tired to blog today but take a peek tomorrow !

    It’s a cinch? It’s sensational! I LOVE IT xoxo
    You are amazing!

  20. oh good i can’t wait for the next party! hugs! xoxo

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