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Hi everyone…How are you this Sunday morning.  Hope you are all well and happy!  
Taking a little break from the “themes”…today I thought I would just share some of my favorite vegetarian recipes that I have found along the way on this vast internet universe!  Hoping you might see one that you want to try.  
So let’s see
What’s Cooking

From the kitchen of one of my absolute favorite food blogs…
This dish is an absolute delight!  One that is worth trying…I actually marinate my tofu and bake it first…adds more depth of flavor but it is still perfect as is!  Hope you enjoy!

another fabulous creation from Smitten Kitchen is…

these are fabulous!!!

Now a few from the pages of
she has a fresh and healthy spin on favorite Italian recipes!
This one is so simple…so easy…so DELICIOUS…it just might become a staple for you!

Oh so fresh and oh so good!  Try it with your favorite pasta!

This one is a MUST!!! I create many versions of this and everyone is delicious…try it..I know you will love it!

soooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!

Now here is a new treat at our home and it is from
I made it yesterday and it is now one of our favorites!!! If you have never had a roasted beet…please give them a try…deep red or golden beets are a true delight after being roasted!
Mixed Green Salad with Goat Cheese, Pistachios and Beet Vinaigrette

from the same wonderful site…here is a treat that the whole family will love and ask you to make over and over again…these are so delicious…so much fun…

you just can’t eat ONE!!!

Now from the pages of an absolutely gorgeous blog…

This one is to die for!  It is as delicious as it looks!

Heirloom Tomato and Olive Tapenade Tarelettes

I can’t wait for heirloom tomatoes to be plentiful!!!!! You can create this with a good ripened tomato of your choice…try this one!  Serve with a salad and you have a WINNER!!!

Now here is a duo from the pages of Tartlette…

Roasted Pepper & Ricotta Tart

these are two creations that you need in your life : )
by the way…this blog is a VISUAL banquet!!!

Well as you can imagine…I have many many more so I will continue you this list on future episodes!  Just wanted to share with you what we have tried first hand and can truly recommend without a shadow of a doubt!  As they say…”try it…you’ll like it”
Hope there is one recipe that is calling your name here!

I will leave you with one of my own favorite creations from my kitchen…quick…easy…healthy and fun!

bet you can’t just eat one!

Bon Appetit my friends!


  1. That lemon spaghetti sounds delicious!

  2. Oh these all look so yummy! Those corn fritters are quite tempting!! :) xo Heather

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