25 Ways to Decorate…The Repurposed Way

Hello my friends!  Wishes for a beautiful day…you know what would make it perfect…finding something discarded or out of “use” circulation and giving it NEW life!  Check out these 25 repurposed creations…one or two just might inspire you to grab a paint brush…some nails…a hammer…maybe a power saw or your trusty glue gun…whatever your tool of choice have fun and CREATE!

Take a trip around the world and create something really cool and special…just like Whipper Berry did with this cool repurposed globe!
Check this rusted metal piece transformed into a magnetic board…really cool
Check this out…talk about FUNKY!!!!
I personally think this is brilliant! Who would have thought that a crib could turn into this awesome desk…too cool!
A Sort of Fairytale is a magical blog and this is one of her creations…talk about brilliant and charming!  Does this spark some ideas??? Check out her blog…it is filled with Cottage Magic!
Well if you are not up for a game of croquet but you might have a mallet or two? Repurpose them of course…check out what Kari over at Thistlewood creates…
Cream? Sugar? or storage…you be the judge…Kelly has some other ideas for those little accessories…check it out over at 
As you all know the “industrial” influence has hit decor in a big way…this is a popping great idea indeed and you can check it out over at apartment therapy
This repurposed pail is awesome and you can see some more fabulous ideas over at Home Edit
Just in case you didn’t click over to Home Edit
I had to show you this one…ideas anyone??? I know I have them!
You know when you are driving along a side street and you see a pile of drawers stacked there waiting to be taken by the sanitary department…well after seeing this project over at msnliving you just might have to park that car and pack some in your trunk!
Love this and there are just so many possibilities!
is always a great idea…get the how to!
 This is one I am totally in love with!  Stay tuned!
Curbly shows us HOW TO!!!
No my friends…bowls of any kind or style are not just for cooking and baking any more…check these out…LOVE IT!
Has hubby eaten one too many cookies and out grown that shirt…well of course donate them to Goodwill…but maybe keep a few yourself (especially if they match your decor : ) and create!
Frames are not just for pictures…check out this vanity tray…hmmm…oh the possibilities!
Don’t close the window or shut the door on those aged home accessories…breathe some new life into them and this is a GREAT place to start…what a fabulous Pot Rack this is from one of my favorite cooking blogs…theKitchn
(it’s spelled right : )
This is so clever…think before your recycle those cans…when they are brought together in a friendly group…anything is possible!  
Is you colander tired of draining pasta? Does it feel like getting prettied up and enjoy life a little instead of having hot water being through on it all the time?  Well if the answer is YES…check out this little project

 Give that plastic bin a new face…a new purpose…so easy…check it out over at the Tip Junkie!
 How about a repurposed tin to decorate you fridge or just for the counter to hold chalk or maybe thumbtacks and more?
 You pretty dishes are not just for food…add a chalkboard and viola…instant wall candy!
 Well these sure shine a different light on these particular items right?  So many possibilities and so many items to choose from!
Hope you have a light bulb moment!

Now it is time to check out the Queen of Recycle/Repurpose!!!


  1. LOVE all the ideas! Im going back to look through again. I’m always glad when you do a post like this!
    thanks for sharing and have a happy day!

  2. This was a wonderful post. I spent about an hour going to all the websites you referenced. It was an hour of fun and inspiration. Way better than a tv show. Thank you.

  3. so cute but I wonder how practical the screened pot rack is… I can’t see it holding much weight!! but super cute :)

  4. Love them all!!! I love making something new from something old. Thanks for putting them all together :)

  5. Cute ideas as always!! I love that crib desk!! It looks so cool!! :) Thanks for sharing Andrea! Have a sweet day!! :) xo Hugs! Holly

  6. Love the crib idea! ♥

  7. Hahaha, I feel like I need a tiara! LOL Thank you so much for including me in your roundup … so many awesome ideas. I am HONORED to be on your beautiful blog my friend. XOXO from us all, furry ones and all, to all of you

  8. You find the COOLEST things!!!

  9. There’s not one thing I don’t love! Thanks for including my silver storage!!

    I adores trays – have them all over my house – so I really love that pink frame tray!


  10. I love these 25 things posts! I always come away with so many ideas…I have to run and find a tablet to write them all down. :)

  11. Oh I just love that vanity tray….So pretty !
    Those old mixing bowls made into lights are fantastic as well. I really love all of these ideas Andrea. I’m off to explore them some more. Thanks for the inspiration x

  12. Great post! I’ve been pinning & bookmarking so many of these projects! Thanks for sharing and featuring these awesome DIYers.
    Saw you linking at Transformation Thursdays and I’m now following you
    Debbie :)

  13. all of the idea, tfs, andrea!

  14. so many good ideas here! thanks for the round up Andrea! ♥ much love

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