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A very wonderful Sunday to you all!  It is time for an episode of
What’s Cooking!
Today’s yummy trip through the blogosphere of recipes is all about Vegetarian Summer Delights
We are coming to a slow (very slow) end of the Summer…Labor Day is right around the corner and here in Jersey the kids are going back to school in a week! Vegetables are being sold in bushels at Local Markets and the bounty is abundant this time of year…so what better recipes to feature today but ones that the veggies SHINE!
Bon Appetit!!!

Let’s start with something different and a true reflection on what is in season right now.  Your first reaction might be …really peaches and tomatoes…well just be assured that this creation is amazing and can be used on so many things!
Tomato Peach Jam 
 Don’t laugh…but I love this on hot pretzels!
Skinny Jeans Food
Creamy Fig Dressing with Greek Yogurt and Feta 
 This is a pure delight…low in calories…HIGH on flavor and just a perfect burst of Summer!
Avocado Fries with Basil Ranch Dressing
I have to tell you these are simply to DIE for!!! If you LOVE avocado’s you fall in love instantly!!!
Eat Spin Run Repeat
 Fresh and FUN!!!! A perfect Summer Lunch!!!!

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos with Swiss Chard Pesto
Oh so fabulous with a little preview of Fall with the sweet potatoes!
Heirloom Tomato Tarts 
Panzanella Salad
a PERFECT DUO!!!!! This is a MUST try!!!
The Proud Italian 
Zucchini Ribbon Salad
Now this is a way of using up those 9000 zucchini’s your neighbors are giving you!!!!
TasteSpotting the blog
2 Ways!
 I have to tell you …this is truly one of my favorite meals…it has been for a long time (I know…I’m Italian and I do love my tomatoes : ) but there is just something about this that just makes me happy…when I make it I serve it in the traditional Korean Hot Crock…we all have our own…sizzling rice is always at the bottom of the crock and hot bean paste is added to the vegetable broth we add to it…the egg yolk when broken just blesses all of the scrumptious food with a perfect touch! I can’t tell you how much I love this dish!!!!
Now…as TasteSpotting…here is the base of Bibim kicked up a bit!
  A truly awesome version!!! 
will be providing us with scrumptious and healthy Summer Desserts also!
Tropical All-Fruit Banana Split
Coconut-Banana Banana Split
Hungry?  I sure hope you try one of these amazing recipes…whichever you choose you are in for a treat!!!
Bon Appetit!
Who said being a vegetarian was boring???  : )
First it was the Moon and hope you now get to travel the universe Neil!  Marking the passing of an American Legend…I think his journey’s will continue forever and a day!


  1. Lots of yum here! I really like peach salsa, so I am wondering about that jam…..

  2. I think you’ve outdone yourself this time..I don’t see one thing today that I wouldn’t try..and those banana splits at the end..I want one NOW..lol..Hugs

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