Decorating with a little help from my friends

Are you looking for some fun decorating tips and ideas? You came to the right place today… here are a few that you might enjoy…they are all very special to me…why? Everyone of them comes from a bloggy friends site…thought sharing them with you would be fun and I get to brag about my friends a bit!
I am saying on the record that this in Part I…there are many other installations coming your way…no one will be left out : )
So without further ado…let’s check it out!

A dozen inspirations!
Let’s Start with some real cottage style and believe me…that is what Stacy has!
Hop on over to 
to see her Bedroom Make-over and her amazing attention to detail!
Time to take a little stroll over to see Kari at
Besides being a decorating genius…see how she uses wonderful vintage finds in her lovely homeIf you haven’t heard she was nominated for Country Livings Decorating Blog of the Year! In case you missed it…check out my post dedicated to Kari and place a vote for her glorious blog!

Time to visit my Jersey Girl Kelly over at
She has ton of tips for you…and if you haven’t all ready seen her sensational kitchen…you MUST! Here love for vintage with a modern spin just GLOWS!!! This girls got edge!
Ricki Jill over at
A Mom…teacher and wife and one awesome creator!!!!
So many wonderful projects to see…check out her Library Transformation…you will enjoy yourself for sure!

Oh you are going to have fun while you visit Robin at

there are many transformations over there that will WOW you…I just adore this one “Dining Room” in progress. 
Laura has tons of creations up her sleeve…even though my heart stopped when I saw her fabulous kitchen and read the caption…
Sadly, I don’t cook…you have to check out her entire blog and all of her wonderful ideas…but start in the kitchen…every little detail just shines…you will love your stay at
a sensational blog creation by Linda (may I mention she was born in New Jersey : ) but now living in the Chicago!  She has style…and can sure handle a paintbrush…wow can she!  You owe yourself the trip over there and check it all out.  She also uses some interesting accessories in her decorating and here is one I adore!
Over at 
…my girl Gina does tons of fabulous decorating on a shoe string…check out her newest endeavor…a bedroom redo for $75 …you will get a ton of affordable ideas while you visit!

 Ok…time to play some music…can you hear Weezer playing

Island in the Sun??? If you can…that means it is time for 
Karah over at 
This girl is the Queen of recycle…Sultan of salvage and much much more!
Check out her how to create a floating shelf DIY and all of her other projects…tons of ideas you will enjoy!

Ready for some bookcase love…ideas to perk up that special little spot in the house…well Heidi from
Show Some Decor AT HOME
dazzles us with tons of style and some simple ways to make that bookcase shine!

My friend Sherry has one thing for sure and that is STYLE!!!!
Over at Decorating with Cents
you will get to see what I mean!
Details Details Details…check out her gorgeous dining room chairs and the special little touches!

If you are looking for any kind of Shabby oh so CHIC Cottage Inspiration…well this is the place…
Shabby Story
Lynn is simply a Shabby Princess!  Everything she touches turns out gorgeous!  You owe yourself the favor to go over there and get all of her tips and how to’s! This is still my favorite…her studio transformation…amazing!

 Just one more thing…during your busy day today…please take a moment to remember…




  1. I am over the moon that you shared my kitchen/blog. Thank you!!!
    ps- I am in the process of painting the kitchen walls right now-
    Thanks again, it means alot.

  2. Wow lots of fun projects and things to read. I am intrigued by ‘A Shabby Story’, I’m about to hop on over and take a look at her blog now ! You always find the pretty blogs for me xoxoxo

  3. You’re so sweet Andrea to include my dining room {in progress} in your decorating tip round up. Ironically, I’m finishing painting another piece of furniture for the dining room today and yesterday worked on the curtains. I definitely have to save time today to visit the other blogs cause there is tons of style and great ideas in those photos. Thanks so much. Robin

  4. Oh my darling friend some of these are my favorite places too. Thank you for sharing. I hope this finds you well and I hope you feel this HUG!!! xo

  5. Beautiful post – so many great ideas! Thanks for sharing the shoestring bedroom :)

    Hugs & Love!

  6. Looks great, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, so pretty!! Love the first photo!! So sweet! Happy day to you! xo Heather

  8. So much inspiration! Great photos…I am ‘oohing and ahhing!”
    Happy September. I have been scarce due to laptop problems.
    Shawn :)

  9. Stacy steals my heart every time!!

  10. Stacy steals my heart every time!!

  11. Stacy steals my heart every time!!

  12. Stacy steals my heart every time!!

  13. Stacy steals my heart every time!!

  14. It all looks great Andrea !!…love from me…xxx..

  15. thank you my darling dear! i see i am i great company here, with your picks!!

  16. So many beautiful ideas! And I love how you included other bloggers to make your post. Just gorgeous!

  17. oh, thanks, andrea–you are such a sweetheart:) love that cottage bedroom:)

  18. Well Lucy…. if you are using those great bloggers as inspiration that ‘splains why your spaces are looking so mahhhvelous.


  19. I could spend hours on this site, so much to see and learn about. It’s candy for the brain and imagination. I’m loving it but need to read more of my blog subscriptions. I’m already way behind. Maybe I should just subscribe to The Cottage Market?
    Happy summer

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