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Wishing you a sensational Saturday.
It’s time to fall…

Well we all know Halloween is on the way and every single creation that is possible is here on the blogosphere and just when I thought I had seen it all…I found this little feature on
Little Artists
If you take a little visit over there you will leave smiling for sure…you will be meeting some greats from history for sure like…

The young Fridah…

This young man is ready to go trick or treating on a very 
Starry Starry Night
don’t you think!

Tell me that these costumes are not brilliant!!!! They are simple but WOW are they awesome (but that is coming from an art major : )
Wouldn’t they be fabulous in a classroom too…a great way to teach an art appreciation class.  Now hop over there…someone else is waiting…hint…are you in the mood for Campbell Soup?

Speaking of art…
here are a few masterpieces that are good enough to EAT!!!
You know how we look for the “different” on our Saturdays…I think you will find these a bit out of the ordinary!
created by James Parker…

This masterpiece may not be made of real fruits and veggies but I bet it would make a mean soup!  
Kidding…This creation was painted by
Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo …he was perhaps the first artist to use food to create a mosaic image…hop over and check out the rest of the details

Next time you crack an egg try to imagine that turning into this…
incredible French sculptor Christel Assante creates these amazing pieces and they take between 3-4 full days to sculpt! More info at the above site!
You will also find mosaics made of candy and cookies an lot more OUT THERE art! Hope you have fun!

Trying to cut down on that cholesterol?  Maybe try sculpting with that butter instead of spreading it on the bread : )
Jim Victor 
he is also known to dabble in such mediums as cheese…chocolate and vegetables!

Do you ever see this when you are snacking…

does a butterfly pop out of your apple…

maybe s ghoul out of your watermelon?

instead of adding tomatoes to your salad…have you ever added a face???

check out some other interesting little “art” snacks over at
be careful though…some of the snacks BITE

Hope you had fun today…my biggest objective in this crazy fall is that you just might see something you have not seen before…maybe peek your interest or just give you a little laugh! Every week will be different but you all ready know that!
Have fun today and maybe go apple picking…watch your kids fingers!



  1. the fruit art is incredible. I really do see a little ghoul surfacing from the watermelon. Creepy but so cool!

  2. These are amazing…some people have so much TALENT!!! Even just to come up with these ideas!!! WOW…Can you believe that it is another Sat morning!!!!! Me oh my where does the time fly…sending you some WEEKEND Fun my friend….it is our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend{ seems mighty early this year!!!!} so off to visit with family and eat my little heart out!!! Sooooo much to be thankful for…and at the top of my gratitude list is YOU!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Andrea – Those are fantastic. Thank you for all of the time you spend giving us this fun post to peruse on Saturday mornings.


  4. So crazy these all are!! Happy weekend to you!! xo Heather

  5. Andrea,

    I love those egg sculptures! What a brilliant artist! Happy crisp clear fall day to you!


  6. You always find the most interesting things:) I have to say that watermelon scared me a little..I was just thinking of having some watermelon. :)

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