Lights are on…first free graphic of MANY

Hello to all of my friends…I have more to tell you but for now I want you to know that we now have
lights and heat!
  We are safe and now warm and thankful beyond imagination.
I love each and everyone of you.  
Our deepest thanks and appreciation goes out to you and a million 

and one hugs to all.  Well my record I was going for has been broken — 500 consecutive posts…I made it to 486 :( but The Cottage Market will return to regular programming next Friday for a big Junkin Joe Celebration and I hope you all come.  But there will be random posts with really nice graphic give away‘s for all of you as a token of our appreciation.  Working on a kitchen one now and that will probably be popping up on Thursday or Friday…but for now I will be listing some digital collage items I hope you enjoy…here’s one to kick it off now…
Just click to enlarge and then save as!
 Enjoy and thank you once again…Drop back tomorrow…there will be more images for you and a list of what I learned from Sandy.
 Oh yes…make sure you 
VOTE Today
Tons of 


  1. Hi Andrea!! So glad to hear your have your power on, and you and your family are safe! Praise the Lord!! Keeping you in my prayers! xo Heather

  2. Lights, heat, safe, warm = good news = I’m relieved to know = missed ya = welcome back (online). My heart aches for all experiencing loss and hardship due to Sandy. I know that recovering from a loss is a long and difficult journey and just want to say to anyone now in that process that while you’re taking care of your family and property, don’t forget about yourself … it is so easy to do amidst the turmoil.

  3. So glad you are safe and sound and back. Missed your posts.


  4. Oh dear sweet Andrea I have worried about you and JJ and I have prayed so much – when I saw your new post on my sidebar, I nearly screamed with joy!!! Yay, you’re back, and I’m thrilled to know that. Love you bunches, Mary

  5. So glad you’re safe and up and running again! ♥ to you….Michelle

  6. SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK and safe and warm and smiling ! I have missed you and I know that everybody else who loves you has too !
    I hope you haven’t had too much damage and your beloved squirrels are back looking for food.
    You had me sooo worried girl ! xoxoxoxo

  7. So pleased that you are okay and safe Andrea. Sandy must have been horrific… thinking of you.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  8. I have been anxiously dropping by to check on you and your family. Glad you made it through! So sorry you got so close to your goal though. I will continue to browse your blog – I love the Junkin’ Joe! Thanks for the ballerina!

  9. forgive me, I did not realize you were touched by Sandy. I am so happy to know you are safe. I send you love and hugs and prayers and …know that I am thinking of you xo

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