FREE Printable Mason Jar Recipe Cards and Matching Gift Tags

Mason Jars are simply everywhere!  Seems like the world is having a secret love affair with them and it isn’t so secret. So we decided to add another Mason Jar to our free printable collection!  A free printable recipe card seemed like a perfect idea…with the Holiday’s coming up…it will be fun to share your fabulous recipes with friends and family and why not write them on a new card!  We didn’t stop there though…so many of you will be giving handmade delicious treats for the season…so a matching gift tag seemed to be the perfect added touch.  Hope you enjoy your Strawberries and Mason Jar Collection!


These cuties are going to add a fun pop to your kitchen creations!  Share a family recipe with your friends…write a new recipe and pass it on…rewrite some of your recipes for yourself…whatever you choose to do…the world will be a tastier place!  Then you can use the over sized gift tags to tie around those handmade jars of jam…ice cream toppings and everything else scrumptious that you make.  Oh…how cute would they look in a Mason Jar filled with Strawberry Shortcake!  

All you have to do is place your favorite card stock in the printer…print and cut!  The recipe cards themselves can be the gift…print and cut and stack…then print an cut a stack of tags…wrap them all together in a perfect way and give as gifts…I bet even the teacher would love that.  So many possibilities!  You can only find them here at The Cottage Market…they are our original design! 

Mason Jar & Strawberry Recipes Cards

Mason Jar & Strawberry Gift Tags

Now we have some fun news for you…our free printable section of the blog is up and running…still many more things have to be added…but I can guarantee you that you will find a lot of goodies you are going to want to print and more of course more Mason Jar Printable goodness is waiting for you  in our
FREEBIES Section!!!!

Then of course if you still want some more Mason Jar Fun…hop on over to my friend Linda’s blog… Mason Jar Crafts Love





Have fun everyone and enjoy all of the Mason Jar Goodness!





  1. Adorable!

  2. thank you! very gorgeous stuff!! can it get prettier? No! you are the best!!!

  3. awwwww…you are so sweet! hugs…

  4. So printing these….I’m putting together a cute recipe book and Smashbook with recipes for my daughter. These will be so cute in there!

    You would like the giveaway I’m hosting now. Stop by and enter!

    Thanks, Andrea!


  5. Awesome, I love the these and would want a whole bunch for all my jars, lol! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. Hugs,

  6. there is SO much AWESOMENESS I can’t take it!!!!!!!

  7. So precious!!! How did I miss these? Silly me for going out on a Saturday!!! I absolutely have to share with my fans!!!

    :) Linda

  8. These are adorable. Thank you!

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