How to Sew Cloth Napkins {11 Great DIY Tutorials}

Paper or cloth napkins?  I think the answer is cloth napkins if truth be told…but of course paper napkins are fabulous and a convenience beyond description.  In the end cloth napkins have that touch of elegance…they add a bit of luxury to the table setting a a pure delight to use.  It is pretty hard to find the cloth napkins that you have your mind set on many times.  Regardless how many stores you look in…you just can’t find that pattern…that fabric…that look that would be perfect…that is why I put together 11 quick…easy…clear cut tutorials on how to sew cloth napkins.  There are different techniques but all of them are easy and come with a tutorial that you can follow easily.  Now you can just stop at your favorite fabric store or spend a few hours on line ooooooing and ahhhhhing at all the fabric choices and snatch up the perfect fabric and create your own cloth napkins!  They last a life time…plus when your guests ask you…where did you find these beauties…you can answer…I made them! ; )  Check out these Cloth Napkin DIY Projects…then rev up that sewing machine!  Oh…spoiler alert …there is even a NO-SEW Cloth Napkin DIY!!!!


How to Sew Cloth Napkins 2


So…are you in the mood to sew now?  Whip up some gorgeous cloth napkins?  Hope so and even if you are not ready yet…you know all you have to do is come back…visit and pick your favorite DIY…it will be waiting for you!  ENJOY & CREATE!





  1. Wonderful collection, Andrea! I’m going to whip up some spring napkins next week and this post is most helpful! Hope all is well with you!

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