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Almond Milk Recipes


First... we here at The Cottage Market have to ask you the question...have you tried Almond Milk?  If your answer is no...we swear to you it is fantastic...not kidding...not at all!  It tastes as rich and satisfying as whole milk and is HALF...I said HALF the calories of SKIM MILK!!!! It's crazy...1 full cup of Almost Milk is 50 you … [Read more...]

Recipes for Brunch


Is Brunch one of your favorite meals?  Do you especially enjoy it on Holidays and special occasions?  Well whatever the Holiday or occasion...Brunch is a heavenly thing!  We have put together a great selection of sweet and savory Brunch Recipes that are quick...easy and without a question of a doubt DELICIOUS!  Check out these great Recipes for … [Read more...]

Mad Men Inspired DIY Projects, Recipes, Decor and More


What will you be doing this evening?  Do you have a date with Don Drapper and the whole Mad Men Gang?  They are back!  Can you believe that the last season is about to begin...excited and sad all at the same time. celebrate the return of this totally amazing show...we have put together a nice little collection of DIY … [Read more...]

Greek Yogurt Dessert Recipe Collection


Do you LOVE Greek Yogurt!  If the answer is yes...I think you are going to love it even more after you take a peek at this outrageously delicious Greek Yogurt Dessert Recipe Collection!  The recipes here are so diverse but each and everyone of them is amazing.  So if Cheesecake is your have to try it!  Yogurt fruit parfaits are one of … [Read more...]

Spring Time Pizza Recipe Collection


Is PIZZA one of your favorite is sure one of this families!  Well if you crave that crunchy crust...if you dream of strings of melted cheese...if you adore the smell of perfectly spiced tomato sauce...if you can't get enough of creative and tasty toppings...then this Spring Time Pizza Recipe Collection is for you!  Each scrumptious pizza … [Read more...]

Tiramisu Recipe Collection


Do you have a sweet tooth!  Do you adore desserts that take taste to culinary greatness?  Is creamy one of your top words when it comes to dessert?  Yes?  Well then you are going to marvel at this Tiramisu Recipe Collection.  There are 30 recipes at your finger tips that are going to provide you with taste sensations you never dreamed of!  The … [Read more...]

Blood Orange Recipe Collection


If you are not hungry will be after you gaze at these amazingly beautiful culinary delights!  This Blood Orange Recipe Collection has such a diverse selection of deliciousness!  If you have never had a blood should make it a priority...if you have had a blood orange then you know how heavenly they are.  You are going to see … [Read more...]

A Collection of Quinoa Recipes


We have a great collection of healthy, low calorie, fresh and fabulous Quinoa Recipes for you today!  Filled with vitamins...packed with protein but TOTALLY YUMMY!!!  If you haven't had Quinoa really should give it a dry...if you LOVE IT...I know that you are going to enjoy this selection of recipes and if you someone that has been a … [Read more...]

11 Handmade Green Cleaning Recipes for Your Home and the Environment


Come the New Year for some reason cleaning is always on everyone's mind.  I guess it is all about the romance of new beginnings and starting out on the right foot.  So how about cleaning and making it environmentally save?  Would you like the inside scoop on some great handmade Green Cleaning Recipes that are quick and easy to make and wonderful to … [Read more...]

40 Fantastic Fudge Recipes


Fudge! Fudge and MORE FANTASTIC FUDGE Recipes are coming your way!  Fudge doesn't only have to be made during the holiday is fabulous all year round and here are 40  Fudge Recipes you might want to tuck away to make for special warming...all kinds of gifts and of course...just for the heck of it!  This … [Read more...]

The Incredible Bar Cookie Collection (60 Fabulous Bar Cookie Recipes)


You know what we have for you today?  The Incredible Bar Cookie Collection...60 scrumptious and yummy recipes for over the top bar cookies.  A collection that is great to refer to any time of the year and especially now during the Holidays.  There is not a person on earth that doesn't enjoy a great bar cookie...don't you agree.  When the flavors go … [Read more...]

Snowman Cookie Mason Jar DIY and Recipe


The baking is about to begin and gift giving is right around the corner so why not combine the two and give an adorable little snowman cookie jar filled with what else...snowballs!  YUM!  So today's little DIY is a cute Snowman Cookie Mason Jar and then the recipe for Snowballs or as some call them Russian Tea Cakes. It's a simple DIY and an even … [Read more...]

Falafel Stick Appetizer Easy Entertaining Recipe


Are you looking for a yummy appetizer for the Holidays...would you love a real easy entertaining recipe?  Well if you answered yes...I want to share my Falafel Stick Easy Appetizer with you.  You are going to love them...they look wonderful...taste great and ...can be made ahead of time plus!  Then there is yet another treat waiting for you...4 of … [Read more...]

15 Mulled Wine Recipes


Tis the Season for Joy and Cheer and some yummy warm...aromatic... Mulled Wine.  I can just taste it now ...sitting around the fire with family and friends enjoying a delicious treat kissed with a special blend of winter spices.  Everyone has a different way to make this delicious brew and here are a few for you to create with.  Do what I do...take … [Read more...]

30 Scrumptious Hot Chocolate Recipes


Do you LOVE Hot Chocolate...if the answer is yes...we have 30 Hot Chocolate Recipes for you today.  Recipes that will make you...your family and friends smile over and over and over again!  There is nothing like a great cup of hot chocolate on a chilly brisk day...or just when the kids come in from Trick or Treating...on how about any … [Read more...]