Beach Decor DIY Projects Part Two


Well it looks like many readers here at The Cottage Market have a touch of salt water flowing through their veins because you have asked for more Beach Decor DIY Projects so we are bringing you Part 2!  In case you missed Part here.  We wanted to get you another collection quickly because those Summer months are on their way and will be … [Read more...]

DIY Natural Dog Shampoos


Don't let your doggie or doggies see this post or they will know that something is up?  Or do you have a pup that loves the bath (lucky you). Baths for our best friends happen all year round but as the weather gets nicer and they are outside a bit more...baths are a more frequent thing.  None of us like to use anything harsh on our pups so we here … [Read more...]

Brunch Cocktails


So you are serving Brunch!  That special meal when you get to eat fun foods and just enjoy everyone around you.  Well if you are serving the perfect about the perfect Brunch Cocktails?  All of the drinks in this collection of especially conjured up to enjoy with Brunch!  They are all very pretty and lite!  If you have a … [Read more...]

Yummy Desserts from Australia


As I was cruising through delicious and scrumptious recipes...I came across a spectacular find on Pinterest.  It was filled with all kinds of YUMMY Desserts from Australia.  Each recipe looked totally amazing and just a little bit different than I usually see. always...I wanted to share my experience with you so here is a collection of … [Read more...]

Recipes for Brunch


Is Brunch one of your favorite meals?  Do you especially enjoy it on Holidays and special occasions?  Well whatever the Holiday or occasion...Brunch is a heavenly thing!  We have put together a great selection of sweet and savory Brunch Recipes that are quick...easy and without a question of a doubt DELICIOUS!  Check out these great Recipes for … [Read more...]

French Farmhouse DIY Projects


Do you have a soft spot in your heart for French Farmhouse Decor? Does chippy paint and roses make your heart skip a beat? If the answer is yes...we have a wonderful Collection of French Farmhouse DIY Projects waiting for you here today.  From French Striped Linen to a French Country Cottage Clock will find DIY projects that you will … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Tacos


Don't let the word "Vegetarian" scare you!  Believe me...these tacos are in a word AMAZING and you owe it to yourself and your family to try each and every one of them!  They are beyond tasty and may I add...very healthy...a complete meal in a shell!  If you haven't tried the combination of black beans and sweet are so missing out on … [Read more...]

Mad Men Inspired DIY Projects, Recipes, Decor and More


What will you be doing this evening?  Do you have a date with Don Drapper and the whole Mad Men Gang?  They are back!  Can you believe that the last season is about to begin...excited and sad all at the same time. celebrate the return of this totally amazing show...we have put together a nice little collection of DIY … [Read more...]

Free Nautical Digital Scrapbooking Paper Pack Part 1


Hi everyone...hope you are all enjoying your day.  It's Saturday so it is once again time for a new Free Digital Paper Pack and this time it is a nautical theme!  Summer is right around the why not.  We have two different color schemes for you.  You will find the traditional Red, White and Blue here at The Cottage Market and then there … [Read more...]

Beach Decor DIY Projects


I know were are still in Spring...but Summer is not too far off and that get's me thinking about the beach.  So it was a natural to come up with a collection of Beach Decor DIY's...just for you!  If you love that beachy look then this collection is for you.  Wait until you see the nautical rope glass hurricane candle holders!  Then there are a few … [Read more...]

DIY Projects Junkin Joe {April 11, 2014}


Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures…home decor diy projects…scrapbooking creations and everything in between.  You can even share … [Read more...]

Greek Yogurt Dessert Recipe Collection


Do you LOVE Greek Yogurt!  If the answer is yes...I think you are going to love it even more after you take a peek at this outrageously delicious Greek Yogurt Dessert Recipe Collection!  The recipes here are so diverse but each and everyone of them is amazing.  So if Cheesecake is your have to try it!  Yogurt fruit parfaits are one of … [Read more...]

Detox Waters 2


Well loved the first Detox Waters collection so we had to create a part 2!  Hey if it gets you to drink the water you need each day it is soooooooo worth it right!  It's amazing what a twist of lemon...a squeeze of a lime...a floating strawberry or maybe some watermelon ice cubes can do to get  you to drink those 8 glasses a day! … [Read more...]

Tablecloth DIY Tutorials


Tablecloths have a way of magically transforming a table into a whole different piece of furniture.  Just by laying a beautiful panel down...transforms any table into something new.  The only hard part is finding the perfect tablecloth!  So here at The Cottage Market...we put together an amazing collection of Tablecloth DIY Tutorials just for you.  … [Read more...]

You know I Love a Great IKEA HACK


If you are a regular here at The Cottage will know that I can't resist a great IKEA HACK!  But when one comes along that is created by a dear dear it is is outrageously gorgeous and so quick and easy...I have to share!  Plus this incredibly ingenious beauty made it to the Final Four of Better Homes and Gardens Makeover … [Read more...]