Advent Calendar DIY Projects 2


That BIG Countdown is going to start soon!  That's right...when the clock strikes 12 am on the First of starts!  So why not get ready for it by creating a fabulous and wonderful Advent Calendar!!!  If you need some fun and fabulous ideas...we have you covered...just take a peek at our Collection of Advent Calendar DIY Projects!  There … [Read more...]

Free Printable Elf Suit Gift Tags


How about some adorable FREE Printable Elf Suit Holiday Gift Tags to add to your Christmas decorating collection.  Last year we premiered our Santa Suit Gift Tags so having a colorful set of Elf Tags was a MUST this year since many of you asked for them! Wouldn’t these cuties look great tied with a pretty strand of ribbon on that stack of gifts you … [Read more...]

Seven Unique Upcycled DIY Projects


I am a huge fan of DIY...there are so many incredible DIY Projects out there it is totally amazing...but there when I see an Upcycled DIY always seems to be even more special!  Today I had to share these Seven Unique Upcycled DIY Projects with you because they are just too fabulous not to!  Upcycles made with drawers are one of my … [Read more...]

Free Fonts Holiday Pairs


I love FONTS FONTS FONTS!!!  What is even better than one font?  A pair of fonts seamlessly working together ! So what better time to marry a few together to help you create some Holiday Graphics and of course some Holiday Gift Tags and Cards!  You are going to love these perfect pairs and sure hope you have tons of fun creating with these.  All of … [Read more...]

Advent Calendar DIY Projects


That BIG Countdown is going to start soon!  That's right...when the clock strikes 12 am on the First of starts!  So why not get ready for it by creating a fabulous and wonderful Advent Calendar!!!  If you need some clever and creative ideas...we have you covered...just take a peek at our Collection of Advent Calendar DIY … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Mini Succulent Planter DIY Project


I have been known to have a very black thumb.  Not too happy about it but have come to face the fact that if I purchase a plant that it could be considered premeditated murder!   I know that succulents are really easy to grow...but even those have bit the dust in my care...I do think that I kill them with what I think is kindness!  I really wanted … [Read more...]

Holiday Mason Jar DIY Projects


If Holiday Mason Jar DIY Projects are part of your Holiday crafting plans then we have a collection that you are going to love!  From Mercury Glass Mason Mason Jar Candles...To Snow Globe Mason Jars...there is a tutorial waiting for you!  So grab yourself a case or two and let the creativity begin!  The versatility of this magic jar is … [Read more...]

Christmas Anthropologie Knock-Offs


There is something about Anthropologie that people are drawn to.  It could be the uniqueness...the originality or maybe the imaginative and whimsical nature of the items that pop up over there day after day!  One thing I know is that I simply adore browsing but sometimes the budget doesn't like the price tags!  So if you are someone that loves the … [Read more...]

This Weeks Holiday DIY Projects Part 1


There are so many incredible Holiday DIY Projects popping up's hard to keep up with sharing them all with you and you know we don't want you to miss a each week on Sunday until the New Year we are going to bring you a round up of the Weeks Holiday DIY Projects!  (We will still have a feature post on Sunday's also : ) This … [Read more...]

More Handmade Gifts for Teen and Tween Girls


Tween & Teen Girls are a bit hard to make handmade gifts for!  All of us DIYER's have probably had first hand experience in this area : )  Well we have decided to put out yet another Collection of Handmade Gifts For Teen & Tween Girls since our first Handmade Gifts For Teen and Tween Girls was our number one post in the months of September … [Read more...]

8 Magical Menorah DIY Projects


Hanukkah or Hanukkah come light the Menorah!  The wonderful Jewish Holiday Hanakka...the Festival of Lights is right around the corner so I thought that it would be fun to do a Magical Menorah DIY Projects Collection for all of our Jewish readers.  I always envied my Jewish friends...they always had the coolest Menorah' it was fun picking … [Read more...]

Free Printable Happy Hanukkah Gift Tags


Hi everyone today we are sharing a set of 6 Hanukkah Gift Tags to celebrate the upcoming Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah...the Festival of Lights!  These are happy...cheerful and colorful tags that will look amazing on all of your Hanukka gifts.  They are great to tie around a bottle of sparkling wine or attach it to a special baked are going … [Read more...]

Tree Topper DIY Projects


The time is coming very soon when the Christmas Tree becomes the focal point in oh so many rooms of the home!  There will be garlands of pearls...cranberries...glittering beads...tons of tinsel...sparkling lights...beautiful ornaments...handmade treasure and so much more adorning them all but the crowning part of the tree is the tippy top!  The … [Read more...]

Junkin Joe Linky Party and FEATURES


Welcome to another episode of Junkin Joe DIY Project Features.  It’s time to grab that favorite cup of something yummy…sit back and share your DIY Projects…upcycled creations…Pottery Barn Knockoffs…refurbished and painted furniture projects…vintage finds…flea market treasures… Home Decor DIY Projects …scrap-booking creations and everything in … [Read more...]

Christmas Pallet DIY Projects


We all love a collection of really cool and innovative Pallet how about a collection of Magical Christmas Pallet DIY Projects today!  There is so much pallet goodness waiting for you...Trees made from pallets...stupendous snowflakes...incredible festive Winter wall art... snowflake chargers for your Holiday table...a rustic star that … [Read more...]