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2012: A Year in Crafting

 Well my is time to take a look towards 2013 and a whole new world of crafting and art projects but first...let's take a little look back at 2012 and a year of crafting and a few highlights... here is one of my favorite is soooooo easy...but so much fun and it uses one of the greatest crafting products of the … [Read more...]


___ … [Read more...]

Thankful for my Friends Thursday

Good Morning goes it today.  I am hoping for a little sunlight so my pictures are a bit nicer : ) I have been a little embarrassed the last few days.  Well I would like to wish you all a  Happy Thankful for my Friends (I like that better than followers : )  Thursday! This is the day of the week that I have a little giveaway to … [Read more...]